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Letting our light shine through our cleaning service

From the beginning, we have always stood out for our efficiency, neatness, and responsibility in our cleaning services. However, what has helped us grow and improve the most is not in what we do, but in how we listen to our customers. More than 4 years of experience in the cleaning industry have given us a clear vision of the needs of our clients. Best of all, our professional team has the expertise and equipment to fulfill those needs!

We are fully
Bonded, Insured &

Our entire team goes through training and education before doing any work to ensure you get a professional cleaning service. We strive to give you peace of mind by making sure that all state-mandated rules and regulations are followed to the letter.

We don’t use third parties
or contractors

We can ensure the quality of our services, thanks to the fact that all of our
processes are carried out internally. We teach our staff the specific needs
of each industry and make communication with our clients much more
convenient and transparent.

LGD Quality Seal

At LGD Commercial Cleaning LLC, we guarantee our clients an excellent cleaning service,
which is why we will not consider a job done until you are 100% satisfied.

Office Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and healthy office is essential when attending to your clients or keeping your team comfortable and motivated. We know that there are limitations when it comes to working around your space during office hours, which is why our office cleaning services are available around the clock. In addition to this, our expert cleaning team has the ability to get the job done efficiently and without thumping noises, allowing them to continue their work no matter the time of day.

All office spaces are different. Each one may need various types of equipment and products. Whenever you request our cleaning services for the first time, we asses the workspace before starting the job to determine the cleaning plan and equipment necessary.

Regardless of what is in your workspace, our office-cleaning team of specialists will take care of everything and use the best cleaning practices for all floors, surfaces, windows, and carpets.

Religious Facilities

Ensuring that your place of worship is comfortable and healthy is very important to your entire community. At LGD Commercial Cleaning LLC, our team of cleaning professionals are trained in the use of bacterial disinfectants and virus removal to ensure the safety of those who visit them and their staff. We are also experts in the care of furniture and floors of any kind.

Due to the special schedules of the churches and their events such as weddings, communions, and funerals; Our church cleaning services are available at any time and on any day. You can count on always having an immaculate space in which to receive your guests.

Schools & Universities

The safety, health, and comfort of our future decision makers are very important to us. At LGD Cleaning, we are constantly training ourselves to offer an A + service and guarantee a clean, comfortable space, free of viruses, bacteria, and germs. The safety of your students and staff of the college or university is a priority. Our more than 4 years of experience in cleaning educational institutions has made us know all the needs of a college or university from the care of furniture and floors to the regulations and industry standards.

Banks & Financial
Institutions Cleaning

Every financial institution can stand out from the rest by showing off a clean and professional environment. At LGD Commercial Cleaning LLC, we ensure that this standard never wavers. Our team of cleaning professionals has the experience of working under the high demands of security and protocols of financial institutions, such as encrypted access systems and alarms. We also understand the precautions that must be established when cleaning and disposing of garbage, always taking extra care with any document that may be important or contains information from a client or entity.